The Junior Entrepreneur Training (JET) program introduces 7th and 8th grade middle school students to a hands-on learning experience focused on promoting business development. This program will prepare local youth for entrepreneurial opportunities and help them focus on academic achievement.

The mission of the JET program is to advance the personal and vocational development of urban youth in Asbury Park, New Jersey through education and mentoring. Our mentors have varied backgrounds in entrepreneurism, social work, business leadership and community work. They are trained specifically in youth entrepreneurism and use a proven curriculum.

During this 14-week program, students will:

  • Develop and launch age-appropriate businesses
  • Work in teams to pitch business ideas to a panel of judges
  • Request a loan to finance their business
  • Attend a “Market-Fair” to showcase their business and sell their products

The JET program will improve educational attainment for youth participants, improve future employment prospects, result in the development of local businesses and prepare youth for future employment opportunities and higher education.

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