Launch Pad

Learning Lab

The Launch Pad is where everything starts; it is the foundation to your success.

Our Foundational Success Skills Training program is available to the community. 

Participate in all our workshops or pick what’s needed to build a strong foundation for your future!


Regular workshop series include:

Financial Future Series – Financial Wellness, Income & Expenses, Creating a Budget, Credit Basics, Credit (re)Building, & Planning for the Future

Mindset Series – Visioning & Goal Setting, Active Listening, Conflict Resolution, Fake It ‘Til You Become It,  & Failure: The Great Teacher

Influence Management Series – Influence Awareness, Influence Impact, Influence Management, & Influence Maximization

Professionalism Series – Professional Communication, Time Management, Proper Attire, & Networking


Workshop Calendar:

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Stay up to date on our workshop series, special events and other services at the Community Launch Pad by register ing via:

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