Mission Control

Life Coaching

Why ‘Mission Control’?

We know that when a spaceship takes off on a mission, there are astronauts onboard flying the ship towards its destination. Did you know there is also a team that stays on the ground, monitoring the ship’s path and helping keep the mission on course? That team is called Mission Control.

The relationship between the astronauts and Mission Control is a lot like Life Coaching. Someone comes to a life coach to achieve a goal or to change or improve some area of their life. The coach helps the client find the most direct path from where they are to where they want to be.

So, in this case, you are the astronaut and your coach is Mission Control. You are in the driver’s seat, directing your own path and doing the day-to-day work to get where you want to go. Your coach is there to help you stay on track and navigate any obstacles that come up as you work towards your goals.

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