The Help Desk

Problem Solvers

Do you ever feel stuck on a certain problem or situation, just not sure of what to do or who to ask?  That’s what The Help Desk is for…when you’re not sure who to ask, ask us!

Launch Center staff are on hand to help you find a solution to whatever is holding you back, no matter how big or small.  By visiting The Help Desk, you get access to Interfaith Neighbors’ wide range of services and those of our many community partners.  We will connect you to services that we offer or connect you to other organizations who can offer additional support. 

And when all you need is someone to help you think through it, we’re here for that too!  Use our free computer stations, quiet work areas or get information and resources in the Launch Library.


You can reach The Help Desk by phone, through the contact form, or just stop by!



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