Lift Off & Level Up

Work Experience

Lift Off

Have you had trouble finding work because you don’t have much experience, or because it’s been a while since you’ve had a job?  Lift Off is the place for you!  Lift Off will hire you for short-term, temporary employment in one of our in-house work experience positions.  You will earn a wage while getting the chance to prove that you are the kind of worker employers want to hire!  As a Lift Off participant, you will be introduced to our foundational success skills training, plus receive help with resume writing, interview prep, letters of recommendation and other transition services to help you find a permanent job. 



Level Up

Time to step it up a notch.  Are you interested in getting work experience in a particular industry but are having trouble getting an opportunity?  We will utilize our network of contacts to help you secure an on-the-job work experience in your desired industry and help you “level up” your professional skills with our signature success skills training.  Level Up participants will also receive resume writing assistance, interview prep and other transition services to help you secure employment in your field of interest. 


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