Monmouth County Seniors are Eating Clean, BRO!

February 22, 2024 3:23 pm

Neighbor Spotlight | Monmouth County Seniors are Eating Clean, BRO! | March 2024

Since 2013, Eat Clean BRO has been providing affordable, healthy meals with quality ingredients on a mission to bring healthy eating right to their customers’ doorsteps. Founder, Jamie Giovinazzo, started making clean meals for his friends looking for nutrition to supplement their active lifestyle in the gym. Nicholas Wilkins, Eat Clean Bro’s Culinary Specialist, described the start of the business, stating, “with $300 in his pocket, Jamie started Eat Clean Bro with the intent of providing his community with affordable, healthy, prepared meals.”

Jamie Giovinazzo, Founder of Eat Clean BRO with his son in their commercial kitchen.

Wilkins explained that these always fresh, never frozen packaged meals have integrity behind the ingredients. He went on to emphasize the core values Jamie instills in their staff every day, the PRICE success model, standing for professionalism, respect, integrity, compassion, and excellence. Eat Clean Bro believes that excellence within can spread, and that taking care of your body with quality, healthy ingredients is the first step towards a better community and world.

Since starting their healthy meal delivery business eleven years ago, Eat Clean Bro has built a strong reputation and expanded their business. They now deliver and ship meals across all of New Jersey, NYC’s five boroughs, and Rockland and Westchester Counties in New York.
Interfaith Neighbors [IFN] caught on to the quality products Eat Clean Bro was producing and scheduled a meeting with the team to explore the possibility of using their meals for Interfaith Neighbors’ Meals on Wheels program. During the COVID-19 health crisis, IFN was forced to switch to outsourced meals, rather than preparing them in IFN’s kitchen. Several companies were tested and IFN still wasn’t completely satified with the quality and nutritional value of the meals being provided. IFN wanted to find the best possible option for the homebound seniors served. After a meeting with our Meals on Wheels team, Eat Clean Bro made it their goal to provide the standard quality meals they make and tailor them for the seniors’ needs. Eat Clean Bro’s dietician, Hillary Cecere, elaborated, stating, “we wanted to create a meal plan that was nutritious, comforting, and had some variety for the seniors.”

Beginning in April 2023, IFN began “taste-testing” Eat Clean Bro’s meals with our Meals on Wheels recipents. After an overwhelmingly positive response, in June 2023, IFN and Eat Clean Bro entered into a new partnership, with Interfaith Neighbors delivering Eat Clean Bro meals exclusively to home-bound seniors. Monmouth County senior recipients have shown overwhelming support for the switch in meals, sharing praise with their delivery drivers and sending notes to Interfaith Neighbors exclaiming how much they love the Eat Clean Bro food that tastes homecooked and delicious. Wilkins explained that Eat Clean Bro loves debriefing with the Meals on Wheels of Monmouth County team and hearing the feedback from the clients that is considered to make the meals the best they can possibly be for the seniors served.

Eat Clean Bro has continued to go above and beyond and is hoping to spread their work to other Meals on Wheels branches. The team recently attended a national Meals on Wheels of America conference to gain more insight into their goals and to hopefully spread the influence they’re having on the community. With Eat Clean Bro’s help, Interfaith Neighbors’ Meals on Wheels Program has been able to enhance the quality of service given to our seniors in need with healthy, fresh, nutritious meals. Here’s to eating clean, bro!

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