The Early Childhood Learning Center Curriculum

Using the Montessori Method and well-trained educators, the Early Childhood Learning Center seeks to build independent learns with social and emotional strength and persistence in the skills of reading, writing and numbers.  


As noted in the State’s Early Learning Standards, the years from birth to three are the most important years of a child’s development as it is the period of greatest change and growth in life. Development during these early years occurs within the context of caring and nurturing relationships. These years also provide the foundation for the behaviors, skills and competencies that support lifelong learning and development.


The Early Childhood Center aims to provide that essential care and nurturing, as well as an educational platform that supports the four shifts in development:

Young Infant [Newborn to 9 mos]: rapid sensory, motor, social/emotional, language & cognitive development

Older Infant [8 to 18 mos]: social and physical exploration within a trusted environment

Young Toddler [16 to 26 mos]: increased verbal and physical development with a mission to influence their environment

Older Toddler [24 to 36 mos]: exploration of ways to increase their assertiveness and independence


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