The Food Entrepreneurship Program is designed to cultivate food entrepreneurs, enabling them to formalize and grow their businesses. The Business Development Center accomplishes this by providing motivated individuals with the following:

  • Industry-specific technical assistance
  • Skill development to successfully navigate the highly regulated and competitive food industry
  • Business mentorship through simplified business planning
  • Access to market opportunities

Program participants will be required to display a strong desire to take their product to the next level and show dedication to the cultivation of their brand. We hope to significantly increase the probability of a successful business launch for these individuals through the Food Entrepreneurship Program.

For more information about the Food Entrepreneur Program regarding admission, program activities and financial commitments, view the FEP Handbook here (PDF).

Interested in signing up today? Please fill out the Food Entrepreneur Program Participant Interest Form.

By bringing tools previously out of reach to budding food entrepreneurs, we believe we can create a better community and economy for all of our citizens.

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