Parkview Homes: Construction Details

Update: All homes have been sold. Project is completed.

Despite increased project costs, Interfaith Neighbors met its goal to produce a 30 percent deed-restricted affordable unit rate in this mixed-income development.

These affordable units are income restricted and are dependent on available affordable housing construction subsidies. 

    The remaining homes are attractively priced for market homebuyers. There are no income restrictions on these units. 

    All market rate sales require owner-occupancy, meaning the purchaser may choose to reside in either the three bedroom or the one-bedroom unit. The other unit can be rented without restriction.  

    Phase 1 target price points are: $325,000 for the deed-restricted affordable units and $675,000 for the market rate units. These price points are an estimate and subject to market conditions. 

    The income producing aspect of each home enables the net monthly carrying cost [mortgage, real estate taxes and insurance] to be significantly reduced.

    For home tours, call Michael Paolercio at 732-722-7581. 

    Click here for a virtual tour.