Classes are held in our gardens or greenhouse at 115 Atkins Ave in Asbury Park. Please visit our calendar to see current listings. All classes are announced on our Instagram and Facebook and through our Newsletters, sign up here.

We welcome local schools and groups to come visit the farm and learn about gardening, the environment, composting, hydroponics, our social impact and much more. We love engaging people and showing them how we grow and can likely host your party free of charge. 


We offer free classes for all ages. Most classes take a break during the winter months and in the summer we focus on Summer camps. We have the following free programs that are open to all:

Kula Homeschool

Each week we explore different aspects of farming, gardening, food and nutrition or nature. The classes are generally geared toward ages 4-8, but all are welcome as we discuss topics that some explore into high school. We meet in the rainbow garden at the Kula Farm, unless otherwise specified. Come in either gate, walk past the greenhouse and into the rainbow garden.
All classes are always held outdoors, we try to hold the classes in all weather, we cancel if weather is too harsh. 
Classes are organized by Lori Garton, assistant manager of the Kula Farm. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Horticulture and has been working on organic farms for over 15 years. She is also a homeschooling parent.

Kula Club
Kula Club, aimed at ages 12-16, is an afterschool/homeschool program that provides local teenagers with a fun STEM-based educational experience in a positive and inspirational setting.
The program is led by Mrs. Natalie Hayes, who is a former science teacher at Asbury Park High School. Natalie is a gardener herself, and takes a strong interest in small space growing, herbal plant care, and heirloom gardening.

Kula for Kids

A great way for kids ages 4 – 8 to explore a Farm, learn about plants, food and the environment, and have fun. We offer a few of these free classes each month on Saturday or Sunday mornings. Parents can stay or drop off/pick up kids as they please. 

Tours and Trips

The most common tours given provide a general overview of the Farm’s operation and it’s programs as well as having a certain focus on for instance; sustainability, food justice or community gardening. When we accommodate school classes we often tie in some light work to be done like planting. We can also cater lunch or provide a healthy snack on request. 

Our farm space is an ideal setting for people to become exposed to nature, healthy eating and science-based concepts through the lens of agriculture and gardening. We can create unique programs based on the time of year, group size and availability.





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