A Green Thumbs after school class in the greenhouse

Since 2015 the Kula Farm has provided on site educational classes for local school groups. Our farm space is an ideal setting for young people to become exposed to nature, healthy eating and science-based concepts through the lens of agriculture and gardening. We can create unique programs around our visiting student groups based on the time of year, group size and availability.

We have had weekly visits from students in the OLMC All Stars after school program from the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel school in Asbury Park. We taught these urban youths science without them realizing it. We call that “sneak-up STEM” education. Engaging in authentic learning while having fun is the focus of the Green Thumbs Program.

“Children living in urban areas often have limited opportunities to experience informal science environments.” Moreover, “science education in urban public schools has diminished over the past ten years in favor of additional instruction in reading and mathematics. Informal settings provide unique opportunities for children and youth to engage in experiential science activities that can stimulate curiosity and interest in science.”

In 2019 we hosted groups from the Sisters Academy, Hope Academy Charter and The Boys and Girls Club. We hope to soon welcome more schools (online) to the farm for an after school program or a day of fun and learning in the greenhouse and gardens. Please contact us for more information at any time.

The Sisters Academy stands by the Rainbow Garden.

The Boys and Girls Club having a Cucumber Salad Making Competition judged by staff at the Kula Cafe. Everyone was a winner.

Planting up a newly made garden on an abandoned street corner with students from the Hope Academy Charter School.


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